Receiving Communion

Receiving Communion

Charles Haber

The option of receiving Communion in the hand remains open to abuse.

A few days ago, while serving at Mass (I am an altar server) I noticed an individual acting suspiciously after taking the Host in his hand and proceeding to leave the church.

I followed him to the exit, while at the same time a woman who had also noticed what took place stopped him at the door and made him consume the Host.

When I questioned him, I learned that he was not a Catholic and informed him that he was not to receive Holy Communion in future. I do not know how long he had been doing this.

This matter was reported to the priest offering Mass at the time and he said it was difficult to watch everyone. I also informed the parish priest.

Such an abuse was not possible when Communion was received while kneeling at the altar rails when the Host had to be consumed there and then. It is a pity that even now beautiful altar rails are still being removed.

Aireys Inlet, Vic

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