Reasons for Hope

Reasons for Hope

Anthony English

In Br Barry Coldrey's article on the annual "Reasons for Hope" retreat (May AD2000), the management of the "Veritas" Young Adult ministry at St Bernadette's, Castle Hill, was incorrectly attributed to me. Much as I'd like to take credit for organising that excellent group, the good work was done entirely by some fine people involved in that parish. I recall especially Mrs Christine de Stoop, who worked with others in the parish to present the true Catholic faith to many enthusiastic young people.

I have been honoured to be invited to give some talks at Veritas from time to time, and been blessed to have established some lifelong friendships as a result.

I did play some part with the initial discussions regarding the annual "Reasons for Hope" weekends, but I have to admit I was primarily more of a wet blanket. (I did, however, suggest the name). Matt Woodbury, whose brainchild it was, was sure it would attract many more young Catholics than I predicted, and I'm delighted to have been proven so wrong.

"Reasons for Hope", and other groups such as the Centre for Thomistic Studies, and Lumen Verum Apologetics, have continued to attract enthusiastic, intelligent and prayerful young Catholics keen to deepen their understanding of the faith.

There have been many friendships, good marriages and vocations to the priesthood and religious life from groups such as these. They have helped show how faith and reason work together. Clearly they have filled a vital need for young Catholics, and others interested in learning about the Catholic faith. It's been an honour to be involved with them.

Ryde, NSW

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