Real Presence

Real Presence

Theo Jorna

In July AD2000 Frank Mobbs' comment on transubstantiation he makes references to "anyone, us or we". Would that be because most intellectuals don't like to use the word "I"? Perhaps he should refer to himself as having difficulty in how his belief might be enkindled by the doctrine of transubstantiation.

When controversies arise, especially regarding the "Real Presence", the Church in her wisdom confirms the faithful, hence the doctrine of transubstantiation to oppose Luther's false claims of consubstantiation. In reality many people do not believe in transubstantiation and have only some vague idea about the Real Presence. One Priest who had trouble with the the doctrine of transubstantiation once told me "that the Real Presence lies in the presence" (whatever that is supposed to mean!). That same priest also had trouble believing in the doctrine on Purgatory.

To promulgate a doctrine, the Church draws on both "Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition", and then confirms it by her teaching authority. It seems rather strange then that Dr Mobbs should only refer to the Gospel narratives about what Christ taught, "for as Peter speaks so does Christ".

It seems to me that the only theologians that are obsessed are those having trouble with the doctrine of transubstantiation. Instead of trying to explain what the doctrine means and how it can enhance one's devotion to the Blessed Eucharist, as it has with me, they would rather put it into the "Who cares?" basket.

Redland Bay, Qld

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