Rally for peace in the world

Rally for peace in the world

Bev Thomas

I am writing to AD2000 on behalf of all Christians who are now being tortured, raped and massacred by the evil organisation, the Islamic State. Death is their trademark.

I am urging all to rally around our church leaders, throughout Australia, to hold a united prayer rally, with our Holy Mother, begging that all Christians band together and unite for peace in the world. Many Muslims, doubtless a majority, are appalled by this slaughter of the innocents.

Our Holy Father wants us to stand up, because he can see that the world is in a stupor, and we cannot rely on the media to fully inform us of what is happening.

We must not stand by and ignore the plight of our fellow Christians, for whom even one day can be a death sentence.

Pope Francis can only inform us of the situation; but we have to respond with love in our hearts for those who are suffering.

I hope your magazine, together with our religious and lay leaders, will encourage us to respond with love of our neighbour.

Oak Park, Vic

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