Prove It! Church, by Amy Welborn

Prove It! Church, by Amy Welborn

Bill Muehlenberg

by Amy Welborn

(2001, 128pp, $16.95. Available from AD Books)

Apologetics is a term used to describe the defence of the Christian faith. It involves answering objections and setting the record straight on questions raised against it. In a hostile and secular climate, apologetics is an important aspect of the Christian armour.

However, there are also more particular kinds of apologetics, such as Catholic apologetics. As can be expected, this type of apologetics deals with objections and questions raised specifically against the Catholic faith, often from non-Catholics. This new book by Welborn offers short and succinct objections raised, often by Protestants, against many key Catholic beliefs.

Thus there are chapters dealing with such questions as, Why isn't Catholicism more Bible-based? Why do you obey the pope instead of God? Why do you give so much attention to Mary? Why are good works emphasised so much?

All up, around 16 such objections/questions are dealt with in meaty, bite-sized chapters.

Bill Muehlenberg, a Baptist, is National Vice President of the Australian Family Association and teaches theology at several Protestant Bible colleges in Melbourne.

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