Progress on 2013 Fighting Fund

Progress on 2013 Fighting Fund

Peter Westmore

In the October issue, we commenced acknowledgement of donations received for the 2013 Fighting Fund, which provides the means to fight for public policies which support life, defend the institution of marriage, recognise the importance of the Judeo-Christian values which underpin our society, and advance the interests of Australian families.

Your assistance – no matter whether large or small – will make a significant difference, to ensure that the country which we hand on to our children protects the values which we hold dear.

The following additional donations have been received, and we thank all those who have contributed (Peter Westmore, President, National Civic Council).

Carried Forward                $12,968.00

Anonymous (13) $1,505.00

Total acknowledged          $6,925.00

Total received....................$19,383.00

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