Pro-life play: The Call of Guadalupe

Pro-life play: The Call of Guadalupe

Andrew Rabel

It may be of interest to readers of AD2000 (and for the moment those living in Victoria) that a musical play, whose purpose is to bring about an awareness of the evil of abortion, is about to have its premiere. The venue is the state-of-the-art BESEN Centre, 87-89 Station Street, Burwood.

Known as the Call of Guadalupe the play is largely a dramatisation of what happened in 1531, when the Mother of God left her image on the tilma of Juan Diego in Mexico City, today one of the most frequent sites of pilgrimage in the Catholic world.

The play begins with an everyday couple, whose unborn child may interfere with the husband's prospects for promotion, and then goes back to the climactic events of the 16th century, linking this with the present day culture of death, a term coined by the late Holy Father.

Patrons of the event include a number of Catholic organisations, as well as Bishops Prowse, Deakin and Coleridge.

To purchase tickets, please contact Pauline Tee on 0403 836 56

Doveton, Vic

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