Private revelations

Private revelations

Anne Boyce

Sr Mary Augustine's "Faith and Reason" article (February AD2000) was splendid and very perceptive.

However, let me break a lance in favour of those who "use private revelation as bases for their spiritual lives because they think they're 'old time' and therefore 'safe'."

Perhaps Our Lady took the initiative of coming to her children because she foresaw the terrible difficulties that were coming and wanted to provide instruction that they weren't going to receive elsewhere.

For example, at Fatima, she showed Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta a vision of Hell and told them that that was where poor sinners went. "Pray, pray much for sinners", she said. "Many souls die and go to Hell because there's no-one to pray and make sacrifices for them."

There's surely a mine of instruction there, both doctrinal and practical. They followed her teaching and two are now Blessed. She taught them much about the Blessed Sacrament with the Angel's prayer.

At Lourdes, she confirmed Bernadette, who hadn't even made her first Communion, in saying the Rosary and told her that she (Mary) was the Immaculate Conception.

She showed us her loving compassion by performing healing miracles which she does to this day. She told Bernadette that she would not make her happy in this world but in the next. So Mary, by word and example, gave much instruction, and so with other approved apparitions.

With regard to Fides et Ratio, it is a very attractive encyclical which, it has been said, "has caught the attention of the world". One would wish to understand it better and fortunately a course on it is presently available at the Catholic Adult Education Centre, Lidcombe, Sydney.

Ultimo, NSW

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