Priestly 'uniform' (letter)

Priestly 'uniform' (letter)

Philip Robinson

Fr Fabian Duggan's "Reflection" (August AD2000) prompts me to ask all priests to adopt the stratagem of "attack is the best form of defence."

I refer particularly to the current problem of sexual abuse by a very few clergy that unfortunately throws a shadow of suspicion over the vast majority of their colleagues.

I would strongly suggest that our clergy, particularly when in public, wear their respective 'uniforms'. This would be seen by many as a statement that they are proud of their calling and proud to wear the 'uniform', as well as being a witness to Jesus Christ. To those few who currently do so, I congratulate and encourage them to keep it up.

Quite some time ago the Pope directed this 'reform', but like so many of his directives, they were ignored by many and not insisted upon by our bishops. It may be too much of a cultural shock for many of our priests, who prefer to look like the janitor rather than the priest of the parish, but for those who do so, I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised at the priestly good that they will achieve.

Holt, ACT

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