Priestly celibacy

Priestly celibacy

Tim Coyle

While advocating the ending of mandatory priestly celibacy, have the abolitionists given some thought to the practicalities?

For instance, how is a young priest going to provide for his family and children's education? Where are the priest and his presumably largeish family going to live? How will they afford the expensive holidays Australians like to take? How is the parish going to cope when the priest's adolescent children are obviously living immoral lives? Obviously there's a lot of emphasis on sexual pleasure, as if that makes a good priest!

I am also concerned that some of the abolitionists of celibacy accept sterilisation. But how can a Catholic priest teach the moral norms of married life when he or his wife have had an immoral sterilisation? I don't want to think about abortion, but in any married life that temptation is there today. Pope John Paul was obviously very wise and far-sighted.

Cairns, Qld

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