Priest shortage

Priest shortage

Jeff Harvie
The topic of ordaining married men was raised in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin of 24 March. Bishop Brian Heenan was reported as supporting the idea as a solution to the declining numbers of priests in his diocese, although some years ago he made retirement of priests compulsory at age 70 instead of 75, and continues to oppose the use of overseas priests.

Meanwhile, statistics show that there are generally more priestly vocations in dioceses where orthodox values and practices are encouraged and supported.

Rather than call for married priests or encourage greater use of lay people to administer the sacraments, the Rockhampton Diocese should be promoting more vigorously such devotions as the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration as a means of fostering vocations.

Young men considering the possibility of a priestly vocation are more likely to take the next step if the spiritual environment in which they must minister in the future is strongly orthodox.

Rockhampton, QLD

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