Praying for priests: The Society of Christ Priest and Victim

Praying for priests: The Society of Christ Priest and Victim

Barry O'Brien

The late Pope John Paul II, when he was a seminarian training for the priesthood in Poland, regularly prayed the Litany of Christ Priest and Victim. Later in his pontificate he promoted this prayer quite strenuously.

The late Father John Whiting, founder of the Confraternity of Christ the Priest, in the later years of his life encouraged many others to pray this prayer in his petitions to God for more priests and to pray for all priests who are suffering in their vocations, as did Our Divine Lord, 'Christ Priest and Victim'.

Since Father Whiting's death, Fr Paul Crotty of the Port Pirie Diocese in South Australia, together with other priests and religious, has taken up Fr Whiting's work. I include here part of a recently received letter to my wife and myself:

'For the work of God to see the light of day, a tremendous amount of sacrifice, humility and perseverence is needed. These graces have to be prayed for. An association of people to pray for the Society of Christ Priest and Victim is needed. You are very welcome to join as an associate member.

'Please invite those you know to enrol in this Association, a prayer support group. Those involved would be asked to pray the following prayers each Thursday for the intentions of the Society Christ Priest and Victim:

1. The Litany of Christ Priest and Victim and

2. The fifth decade of the Mysteries of Light, the Institution of the Blessed Eucharist at the Last Supper.

In return the members of the Association would be blessed spiritually with a Mass offered for their intentions each Thursday.'

To say the Litany often and with deep devotion fosters a deep reverence for the Priesthood of Jesus Christ. At the same time this prayer keeps us mindful of the Divine Victim who offered Himself for us on Calvary and continues to do so at every Mass. That Almighty God would strengthen all priests and grant an increase in priestly vocations, let us all pray.

To join, please forward your contact details (name, address, phone number and email address) to me, Barry O'Brien, 1 Murtoa Street, Dallas, Vic 3047; or to The Society of Christ Priest and Victim, 9 Kingsley Road, Airport West, Vic 3042; or email: charles.lewicki

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