Prayers after Mass

Prayers after Mass

Ken Bayliss

The Vatican approval of a part correction of the English translation of the Novus Ordo after 40 years of error in translation and theology of the liturgy won't shore up the 95 per cent exodus of young adults.

Those now over 50 years of age will remember the introduction of the "Dialogue" Mass between the end of Vatican II and the introduction of the Novus Ordo revolution of 1969. This Dialogue Mass was the precise English translation of the Latin Tridentine Mass - the medieval Latin word Tridentum means Trent.

The priest then said Mass assisted by altar boys still facing the altar. Only the altar boys, not the congregation, said the responses and women and girls still covered their heads with scarves or mantillas in reverence to Our Lord. There was the same reverential silence as at the Mass of all times.

After the Last Gospel the priest and altar boys knelt on the bottom step of the altar and the congregation knelt in their pews. The priest said the Leonine Prayers with the laity making the responses, then the prayer for the Conversion of Australia, and finally the thrice said "Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy upon us", with the seven years indulgence granted by Pope Pius X in 1904.

Since 1969 none of these prayers has been said after the Novus Ordo.

The way we pray (lex orandi) is the way we believe (lex credendi), but a false irenicism has made cowards of us. We forget too easily in our hurly- burly lives that we must still find time to save our immortal souls.

Holland Park West, Qld

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