Practice of faith

Practice of faith

Br Con Moloney CFC

Recently I read the book Be Not Afraid by Cardinal George Pell.

One chapter, called "School Days", is an address (1993) to the students of his old school, St Patrick's College, Ballarat. The Cardinal concludes his homily to the students with a very sound check-list regarding the practice of their faith.

I feel that all AD2000 readers could benefit from applying this check-list to their own lives:

* Do you pray when you are in trouble, whether the trouble be from family, or romances, or exams or sport? How regularly do you thank God for the good things you have?

* Do you believe in the power of God's forgiveness; that He can and will wipe the slate clean of your secret shame and guilt, provided you are genuinely sorry? Do you ever go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

* Do you believe some activities are right and some are plain wrong? Or is the grey of uncertainty the only moral colour?

* Have you a genuine concern for the underdog?

* Do you admire the Christian ideal of life-long marriage? How close have you drifted to the values and practice of our condom culture with easy access to soft and hard porn videos?

* Are the students who regularly practise their religion prepared to defend this and explain their faith, or are they cowed into silence in student discussions?

* Are there still conversations in each graduating year about which year members might become priests or brothers?

* In other words, do you want to see the light?

Nudgee College

Brisbane, Qld

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