Pope's advisory board

Pope's advisory board

Ken Bayliss

Congratulations to His Eminence George Cardinal Pell in being appointed to Pope Francis' eight-member advisory board, the first major decision of the Holy Father on 13 April.

The eight cardinals cover the five continents. With a bishop as secretary, they will meet periodically to reform the Roman Curia.

I have been an admirer of His Eminence since his first days as Archbishop of Melbourne when he quickly reformed his seminary and was one the first Australian prelates to ban the incorrect usage of the Third Rite in his diocese.

His decision gave heart to laymen across Australia – and also to the late Father Terence Purcell of St Benedict's Church, Broadway, Sydney, who worked at a grassroots level. Keeping the Catholic Church Catholic was Fr Purcell's constant theme. He is the unsung hero of making Australia a "Third Rite-Free Zone". He was very happy when Archbishop Pell was appointed Archbishop of Sydney and later Cardinal.

Holland Park West, Qld

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