Pope Francis condemns 'Gender ideology' as 'demonic'

Pope Francis condemns 'Gender ideology' as 'demonic'

Patrick Byrne

Negative trend

Pope Benedict again addressed gender ideology a month later in a 19 January 2013 address. "It is the duty of pastors of the Church, he said, "to put the Catholic faithful and every person of good will and right reason on guard against the trend of these ideologies.

"It is a negative trend for humanity, although it may be disguised by good feelings in the name of alleged progress, alleged rights, or an alleged humanism.

"Thus the Church reaffirms her great 'yes' to the dignity and beauty of marriage as an expression of the faithful and generous bond between man and woman, and her 'no' to 'gender' philosophies, because the reciprocity between male and female is an expression of the beauty of nature willed by the Creator."

Acknowledgement to LifeSite News.

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