Pius XII vindicated again

Pius XII vindicated again

Arnold Jago

Pope Pius XII, sometimes labelled by certain writers as "Hitler's Pope", was nothing of the kind.

In July 2009, Pave the Way Foundation (PTWF), a US group promoting interreligious harmony, announced that it has over 2,000 pages of original documents covering the years 1940 to 1945, found in a monastery in Avellino, Italy, showing that Pius XII possibly saved "more Jews than all the world's religious and political leaders combined".

This extremely important find has received negligible media coverage.

PWTF president, Gary Krupp, says, "A personal disappointment resulting from our research was the realisation that we all have been let down by many who represent themselves as historians.

"These individuals, with private agendas, have simply failed to research the evidence of this era properly and have remained silent when absurd fanatics manipulate the truth."

Mildura, Vic

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