Arnold Jago (Dr)

Some Federal MPs have started a "humanist forum" for atheistic politicians. Their policies will doubtless reflect the words of Goethe: "If humanism were to triumph, I fear it will turn the world into a vast hospital - where each becomes his fellow-man's sick-nurse."

When every Australian has demanded his/her "rights" to be fed, clothed and apologised to, without having to work, who will be growing the food, manufacturing the textiles, etc?

Perhaps if the United Nations were to draft a "Convention on the Rights of Rose-Coloured Spectacle- Wearers" we'd be rewarded by the Universe turning itself into a world where dole-cheques print themselves.

"Human rights" don't exist. Only God has rights. We have God-given duties and God-given privileges. One duty is to think beyond the indulgent pipe-dream of a Creator-less creation.

Mildura, Vic

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