Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams

Frank Bellet

It would seem that it is OK, in this PC world, to write or preach any lie about Christianity in general or the Catholic Church in particular, but don't attempt to counteract the lies in this nation of "free speech", with some facts, because your letter won't be published.

Phillip Adams claimed, in a recent column (The Australian, 4 March), that before the fatwa on Salman Rushdie, Australian Catholics were "officially" informed from every pulpit in the country that it was a sin to read any newspaper or listen to any radio featuring Philip Adams. He either has allusions of grandeur or he jests.

I have been a Catholic all my life and when possible, go to Mass every day. I have done this in every state in the Commonwealth and in many countries throughout the world. I have attended Mass when it was celebrated in Latin, English, Italian, German, Croatian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Not once, in all that time, have I heard mentioned or even whispered in hushed tones, the name Philip Adams - or even Philipo Adamsio. Not once!

Petrie, Qld

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