At the end of midday Mass on 30 September at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Randwick, the parish priest gave a short summary of a petition authored by Dr Paul Collins which was titled 'An appeal to the Australian Bishops to ordain priests for our parishes'.

The parish priest then recommended that (if they liked) parishioners should sign the petition.

It was most disappointing that he should have taken this action, given that the petition, among other things, calls on the Australian Bishops to (4) 'Encourage a wide-ranging discussion of the role of women in ministry and in the authority structures of the Church, including the question of women's ordination'.

This is in clear opposition to Pope John Paul II's instruction in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis that the question of women priests was no longer open for discussion.

I have just read Michael Gilchrist's review of Bishop Robinson's book, 'Retired Sydney bishop calls for a radical overhaul of the Catholic Faith' (October AD2000).

I agree that the 'congregational model of church' proposed by Bishop Robinson 'has more in common with Calvin that Benedict XVI'.


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