Persecution in China

Persecution in China

J. Loring

The underground Church clergy suffered (and still do) persecution for standing up to China's human rights abuses.

Meanwhile, it seems the patriotic Church clergy do not condemn, conduct protests against, risking torture and imprisonment, for opposing the holocaust of China's one-child policy, compulsory abortion, sterilisation of women, etc, which the US-based Population Research Institute confirms is slated to continue until 2050, so where's the equivalence?

Can someone from the Vatican please explain?

Given the known abuses, how chilling is it that the Rudd Government's spendfest ("stimulus package") would mortgage Australia's future to the fest's reported main financier, China, which is busily engaged in buying up both Australian property and huge stakes in our resources and resource companies.

The great distractive myth of global warming absorbs minds and devours resources. Is this to mask another agenda: global socialism?

Before it's too late, isn't there a little transparency and accountability needed, but lacking, from both church and state?

Taigum, Qld

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