Parish revitalised

Parish revitalised

Br Con Moloney CFC

Congratulations on the July issue of AD2000. I feel it contains several excellent articles, particularly those by Fathers Camilleri and Trese.

I would like to highlight several points made by these priests, but space does not permit. Let me share just one such point that impressed me.

Fr Camilleri tells that he was given charge of a spiritually run-down parish and how it was revitalised by his introduction of an hour's adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament, each day of the week.

Father concludes his article with, "Over the following month, the roster of adorers kept increasing, until upwards of twenty parishioners attended each day, with an inspiring follow-up of improving Mass attendance on Sundays. Within twelve months, this once spiritually run-down parish had been transformed."

Congratulations Fr Camilleri! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord.

Nudgee College
Virginia, Qld

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