Parish libraries?

Parish libraries?

Bob Cotterall

God made us, says the old catechism, so that we might know, love and serve Him in this world, and be happy with Him forever in the next.

But, it is not always easy to know God adequately in this world. Indeed, our Catholic world is marred by so-called Catholics who do not really believe, and by too many chattering dissidents.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Sheehan/Joseph apologetics text and other similar titles are all available - although some can be expensive.

One way of encouraging more Catholics to read orthodox books would be to set up a small lending library in every parish. The cost of books, shelving and administration would be covered by hiring out the books to readers. Book selection would need to be handled by someone competent and reliable.

If given a sympathetic hand by priests, I am sure the scheme would work and prove most beneficial

Wellington, New Zealand

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