Papal election

Papal election

Frank Bellet

There is so little genuine and healthy humour in all forms of the media these days, it was a refreshing change to read or listen to the unintentional humour in articles and comments (from experts) leading up to the election of the new Pope.

Journalists used such impressive sounding "sources" as "several Church officials" and "close Vatican watchers" - the latter probably referring to the regulars at Tony's Pizza Hut.

The real clanger came from a dunce in the UK, who speculated that the Church needed a "healer" and that this would rule out Cardinal Ratzinger.

Along with the debate on the Pope, was the reference to the "decline" in Church influence in Europe.

No-one has picked up on the fact that the critics who savour reporting this pay little attention to the growth of the Church in Africa and Asia.

These bomb-throwers in the media, who usually are the very ones to label their opponents as "racist" at the drop of a hat, seem to think that white Europeans are more important people than those in the Third World, who apparently don't count in their view.

Petrie, Qld

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