Overcoming evil

Overcoming evil

Mary Beaumont

The Message of Pope John Paul II, published in an English edition of L'Osservatore Romano, reminds us of the truth and wisdom of Christ's teaching, "Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." In the face of the heinous event which happened in New York on 11 September, it is very difficult advice to keep. Does not His Holiness show us the way in an address he gave at a General Audience in 1983?

Under the heading, "The Mass - Triumph of Love," he makes four important points:

* "By entering into the Saviour's Sacrificial Offering, the faithful share in the victory won by Him over the evil of the world."

* "When we are shaken by the sight of evil spreading in the Universe with all the devastation it produces, we should not forget that such unleashing of sin is overcome by the saving power of Christ."

* "Whenever the words of consecration are uttered in the Mass and the Body and Blood of Christ become present in the Act of Sacrifice, triumph of love over hatred, of holiness over sin are also present."

* "Every Eucharistic Celebration is stronger than all the evil in the Universe. It means real, concrete accomplishment of the redemption and even deeper reconciliation of sinful man with God in prospect of a better world".

Prayer can be most powerful.

If we all joined in prayer for peace and love of neighbour maybe we would be surprised by the extraordinary events it would bring about. If only we used it more often, in spite of all the evil which surrounds us, God would give us more understanding of other countries and their beliefs and we would all have peace.

Magill, SA

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