Outstanding education at Chavagnes College

Outstanding education at Chavagnes College

Br John Moylan CFC, MA, MEd

As a very recent former guest teacher at Chavagnes International College for over two years I endorse Geoff Storey's letter (May AD2000) concerning the value of the outstanding, even possibly unique, Catholic education the college provides.

Certainly I also share his fine assessment of the article (March AD2000) by a then 17-year-old student, Alexander Morrison, who was offered places at all three leading Oxford colleges to which he applied.

There have been three articles about Chavagnes in AD2000 in recent times, and articles and more information about it can be found by typing in Chavagnes International College on an Internet search engine.

I believe that at least a year or two at the college would be of immense benefit for many Australian Catholic boys where the faith is held to be of prime value. They would benefit from an outstanding all-round, academic, classical education where the Church's language is studied, and its wonderful corpus of Gregorian chant and other music is not only enjoyed but ostensibly shapes the boys' lives, much to the joy and amazement of some of their parents.

Such a choice is far from impossible for most parents and arrangement are made by the college in several ways to welcome suitable Australian boys, who speak very highly of their wonderful, heroic educational adventure.

Christian Brothers Community
West Beach, SA

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