Orthodoxy succeeds (letter)

Orthodoxy succeeds (letter)

Fr Adrian Head

A propos of the first article in October's AD2000, your contention that orthodoxy succeeds is borne out by the incredible experiences of Fr Livio Fanzaga, who runs a very successful 24-hour talk-back radio station - Radio Maria - which is listened to by more than five million people all over Italy including many "truckies" who ring in. It has affiliates in different parts of the world in their own languages

In response to some criticisms that Radio Maria is too pietistic, Fr Fanzaga points out that listeners have nominated the 30 percent of transmissions dedicated to the Rosary, Mass, spiritual talks, catechesis, Bible studies, courses in theology, the Angelus by the Pope, etc, as being their most popular programs.

While Radio Maria costs about 1,000,000 euros each month to run, donations covering this arrive constantly without Fr Fanzaga having to ask for them. He transmits not from a large city but from Erba, a small town near Milan. In this way he minimises his rental costs.

When asked to what he attributes this success, Fr Fanzaga emphasises that Radio Maria's transmissions are totally loyal to the Church's teachings. People, he says, are hungry for the truth. (He is in constant contact with the Vatican upon which he depends for doctrinal and pastoral guidance.)

It is possible to listen to Radio Maria on the Internet - www.radiomaria.org - but it is in Italian. However, the Home Page has a section where you can choose an explanation of Radio Maria in English. It also shows where its affiliates are in the world.

In an interview in late 2003, Fr Fanzaga explained: "Among our listeners there are many who, having been away from the Church for a long time (and in some cases have completely abandoned it), come close to God, go to confession after many years, and take up again the living of a Christian life.

"But this can only happen because we are not afraid to proclaim the Gospel just as it is. We know that the truth is all there within and we do not fear to say so. We also have among our listeners many who are non-Christian and who convert to the Catholic Faith because through our transmissions they have discovered the beauty and the truth of Christianity."

Quorn, SA

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