Orthodox young priest (letter)

Orthodox young priest (letter)

John David

Recently, I attended a Day of Recollection at my Parish church of St Bernadette's, Carlton, NSW, given by Fr Peter Joseph of Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine fame. I had the privilege of serving both Mass and Benediction for Fr Joseph.

I was astounded, not only that so eminent a priest was so young, but that such a young priest was actually orthodox. During the past forty years, most of the younger priests I have met have been of a trendy persuasion, trained to be innovative in the liturgy, and a little suspect in their theology.

Fr Joseph was a breath of fresh air, and left me feeling more optimistic about the future of the Church in this country.

It was no surprise to discover that he comes from Wagga Wagga.

I have just finished reading the article in this month's AD2000 by Sr Mary Augustine OP. This nun has succeeded in pin-pointing, very succinctly and with perfect logic, the origins of all the problems the Church in Australia has faced during the past forty years, and in my opinion her reasoning defies argument.

This is perhaps the best article I have read yet on this issue, and again, I was not surprised to read that she, too, is from Wagga Wagga.

I pray that we may soon have many more like Sr Mary Augustine and her companions in Ganmain, and many more young priests like Fr Joseph.

Kogarah NSW

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