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Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

God's Holy Fire: A Theology of the Icon
Lawrence Cross
An in-depth study of the icon tradition, not only from a theologically interpretive viewpoint, but also from an artistic perspective. There is much here for Western Christians to enrich their Faith life.
162 pages • Softcover • $19.95 ISBN 978-0-99254-060-9

Nothing Short of a Miracle
Patricia Treece
The healings documented here are not hasty judgments. They are instantaneous and permanent cures for which medicine still has no explanations; cures that also meet the Vatican's stringent seven-part test of authenticity.
358 pages • Softcover • $39.95
ISBN 978-1-93318-458-6

God's World and Our Place in It
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
God and His world are here explained by Archbishop Sheen, as he shows that Christianity makes good sense even to persons without a religious background. It alone can explain good and evil; it alone makes sense of our impulses to love and to sacrifice.
160 pages • Softcover • $27.95
ISBN 978-1-92883-278-2

The Bones of Saint Peter
John Evangelist Walsh
This is the first full account of the search for the Apostle's body. It is the engrossing true story of how determined researchers finally solved the puzzle of St Peter's burial and rescued his bodily remains from centuries of oblivion.
256 pages • Softcover • $39.95
ISBN 978-1-93318-475-3

Eastern Christianity
Lawrence Cross
A serious but very readable exploration of the Byzantine Tradition. This book will definitely help Western Christians to recognise their Eastern counterparts as brothers in Christ.
140 pages • Softcover • $19.95 ISBN 978-0-97756-998-4

In the Household of the Spirit
Lawrence Cross & Joseph Leach
The authors hope their study of the Sacraments in the Byzantine Church will contribute to a resurgence in the love and practice of the Mass and Sacraments in the Western Church.
98 pages • Softcover • $19.95
ISBN 978-0-97756-999-1

Rich in Years
Johann Christoph Arnold
With a foreword by Tim Costello of World Vision, Rich in Years covers the significant topics facing the elderly, their families and caregivers: accepting changes, combatting loneliness and continuing on with purpose and hope.
161 pages • Softcover • $17.95
ISBN 978-0-87486-800-6

Meet Mary
Mark Miravalle
Mark Miravalle helps us to know and love our Heavenly Mother even more than we may do now. The book includes discussions of the four essential Marian doctrines, of Our Lady's most famous apparitions, what the early Christians believed about Mary and much more.
144 pages • Softcover • $19.80
ISBN 978-1-93318-432-6

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