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Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

God Sent His Son
Cardinal Christoph Schonborn
World-renowned theologian Cardinal Schonborn begins with the conviction of faith that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of Israel, the Son of the Living God. He explores the development of the Church's understanding of this truth to an analysis of contemporary theologies.
412 pages • Softcover • $49.90
ISBN 978-1-58617-410-1

Behold, God's Son!
Cardinal Christoph Schonborn
Cardinal Schonborn, a former student of Benedict XVI, presents reflections on the person of Christ as found in the words and images presented in the Gospel of Mark. These Sunday reflections follow the course of the liturgical year.
238 pages • Softcover • $29.00
ISBN 978-1-58617-177-3

Youcat (English)
With a foreword from Pope Benedict XVI this Youth Catechism deals with the entire Catholic faith as presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The work is structured in Question-and-Answer format, is beautifully illustrated and contains an index and definitions of key terms.
303 pages • Softcover • $30.00
ISBN 978-1-58617-516-0

The Strange Intruder
Arthur Catherall
Here is another of English author Arthur Catherall's action-packed adventure stories for young readers. The present title was inspired by Catherall's visit to the Faroe Islands. As with all his books, the heroes and heroines display courage, kindness, loyalty and spirit.
155 pages • Softcover • $19.80
ISBN 978-1-88393-797-3

2012 Saints Calendar & Daily Planner
This 16-month illustrated Saints Calendar and Daily Planner would make an ideal present. It commences at September 2011 and continues until December 2012. It includes a saint for every day of the year and 70 illustrations of saints and their biographies plus many other attractive features.
208 pages • Softcover • $25.00
ISBN 978-0-89555-929-6

Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgy
Anselm J. Gribbin
Father Gribbin examines the liturgical theology of Pope Benedict in his magisterial teachings and writings, arguing that these point the way forward for the Church, and that his teachings are best understood in light of his earlier theological writings.
235 pages • Softcover • $35.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-755-0

Marian Apparitions
Donal Anthony Foley
This groundbreaking book examines the major approved Marian apparitions of the past five centuries and relates them to important historical moments from the Reformation to the rise of Nazism.
453 pages • Softcover • $50.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-313-7

The Life of St Catherine of Siena
Blessed Raymond of Capua
The author of this unique biography was one of St Catherine's spiritual directors who knew her mother, family members and many of her friends. The information in this book was taken directly from them, as well as from his own experiences
353 pages • Softcover • $33.00
ISBN 978-0-89555-761-2

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