Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

Touching the Spirit Within
Sr Miriam Lorenz SSPC
A book of poems by Sr Lorenz, who is a Missionary Sister of St Peter Claver. All of the poems are beautifully composed, and Sister's gentle and consoling thoughts make this work ideal for Adoration. Attractively illustrated in colour as well
47 pages • Softcover • $15.00

Beauty, Spirit, Matter
Aidan Hart
This volume concentrates on the broader implications of the icon's theology for our lives in the 21st century, exploring the insight that icons give to such contemporary issues as ecology, the nature of beauty and much more. Beautifully written and illustrated in colour.
288 pages • Softcover • $29.95
ISBN 978-0-85244-782-6

St. Margaret Clitherow
Margaret T. Munro
This is the biography of the 'Pearl of York', wife, mother and martyr for the Catholic Faith during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
86 pages • Softcover • $9.70
ISBN 978-0-89555-771-1

Why Catholics Are Right
Michael Coren
Examines critical aspects of Catholicism as they are encountered, understood and, more importantly, misunderstood today.
240 pages • Softcover • $35.00
ISBN 978-0-852448-784-0

In Contemplation of Life
Paul Gionfriddo
A book of poetry from a man who has lived with Parkinson's disease since 1978, and which speaks of God, man, the universe, death and the meaning of life. Comes with a lovely gift card entitled: Perceptions.
56 pages • Softcover • $15.00 ISBN: 978-0-98036-952-6

Fr Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange OP
What an inspiring book! Full of God's infinite compassion and His love for Man. A thorough and uplifting discussion of this often misunderstood subject, which is also explained in detail. Highly recommended!
157 pages • Softcover • $19.95
ISBN 978-1-78182-989-9

The Wisdom of Mr. Chesterton
Karen Edmisten
A collection of the very best quotes from the master. Grouped under alphabetical topics, each is annotated with the source. A handy presentation for essays, speeches, etc. or for any reader who wants a taste of Chesterton and who then might want to read further on a particular topic.
378 pages • Softcover • $25.30
ISBN 978-1-93530-219-3

The Shroud of Turin
Karen Edmisten
A fast-paced book that is easy to read! Gives convincing scientific and historical proof that the Shroud is the actual burial cloth of Our Blessed Lord.
172 pages • Softcover • $23.76
ISBN 978-1-61278-612-4

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