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Pope John: Blessed John XXIII
 Meriol Trevor
A vivid picture of the man relatively unknown until his elevation to the Papacy. This was the Pope who convened Vatican II, and without understandingJohn XXIII, one cannot fully understand the subsequent development of the Church.
328pp • Softcover • $33.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-480-1

See How She Loves Us
 Joan Carroll Cruz
These accounts of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary range across 23 countries and two millennia. The visions show Mary's deep love for mankind, her Son and the Church. Discover lesser known apparitions and learn more about the visions of Mary at Fatima, Lourdes and Guadalupe.
250 pages • Softcover • $32.90
 ISBN 978-0-89555-718-6

Culture and Abortion
Edward Short
Examining the scourge of abortion from a cultural perspective, Edward Short draws on history, literature and papal encyclicals to show how defending the right to life can help us reaffirm an understanding of culture based not on human pride or power but on a "civilization of life and love".
308 pages • Softcover • $35.00
ISBN 978-1-78182-990-5

John Paul II: Man of Prayer
 Clare Anderson and Joanna Bogle
This book uncovers the spiritual message of the life of John Paul II. In exploring his spiritual life, we can learn what inspired and nourished this remarkable man. Studying his inner life we come to understand that at its heart were simplicity and joy.
157 pages • Softcover • $19.95
ISBN 978-1-78182-989-9

A Man of the Beatitudes
 Luciana Frassati
This inspiring biography provides an account of how the Beatitudes are the way of peace and joy. Pier Giorgio Frassati's biography is a source of inspiration and encouragement for a world in search of hope. Frassatti was beatified by John Paul II and is a patron saint of World Youth Days.
170 pages • Softcover • $24.95 ISBN 978-0-89870-861-5

A Pilgrim's Journey
 John Henry Newman
St Ignatius' autobiography spans 18 very important years of his 65-year life: from his wounding at Pamplona (1521), through his conversion, university studies and journey to Rome to place his followers and himself at the disposal of the Pope. These years reveal his incredible transformation and spiritual growth.
204 pages • Softcover • $29.95
ISBN 978-0-89870-810-3

Rich in Years
 Johann Christoph Arnold
With a foreword by Archbishop Tim Costelloe of Perth, Rich in Years covers the significant topics facing the elderly, their families and caregivers: accepting changes, combatting loneliness and continuing on with purpose and hope.
161 pages • Softcover • $17.95
ISBN 978-0-87486-800-6

Art of Praying
 Romano Guardini
Here is a book to help adults to pray. If prayers are difficult or boring, the problem may not be so much a failure of will, as a lack of knowledge about how mature souls pray. The good news is that, as this book makes clear, such problems are easily overcome!
 192 pages • Softcover • $28.60
ISBN 978-0-91847-734-7

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