Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

Edmund Campion
Geroge Simpson, revised, edited and enlarged by Fr Peter Joseph
With a foreword by Cardinal George Pell, this book is a revised and enlarged version of the biography of Edmund Campion written in 1867 by George Simpson, a convert from Anglicanism. It is regarded as the definitive account of this English saint's life.
687 pages - Hardback - $60.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-734-5

Benedict XVI and Cardinal Newman
Edited by Peter Jennings
In this attractive, profusely illustrated coffee table book, Peter Jennings has assembled contributions on Newman by prominent churchmen, a chronology of Newman's life and a large selection of pictures.  
176 pages - Hardback - $58.50
ISBN 978-1-87121-753-9

Church Fathers and Teachers
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict explores the lives and ideas of the great popes, abbots, scholars and missionaries who lived during the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christendom. In the process he highlights the foundation stones of Christian belief and practice.
215 pages - Hardback - $33.90
ISBN 978-1-58617-317-3

Common Sense 101  
Dale Ahlquist
Dale Ahlquist is President of the American Chesterton Society and in his book, subtitled  Lessons from G.K. Chesterton, he shows how this much quoted 20th century writer has plenty to say on topics of enduring relevance, such as marriage, education, art, politics and faith.
316 pages - Softcover - $33.90
ISBN 978-1-58617-139-1

Damien of Molokai
Robert Louis Stevenson, edited Don Mullan
Contained here is the impassioned defence of Father Damien of Molokai by famed author Robert Louis Stevenson along with his prophesy that Damien would one day be canonised.
88 pages - Softcover - $15.00
ISBN 978-1-90607-705-1

Christianity in Iraq
Suha Rassam
Christianity in Iraq played a major role in the early centuries of the Church bringing the faith to India, China and Central Asia. This authoritative account fills is timely in light of recent events in Iraq.
265 pages - Softcover - $29.95
ISBN 978-0-85244-738-3

The Path to Rome
Edited by Dwight Longenecker & Dwight Blamires
In this tenth anniversary edition, extensively revised and updated, the editors of  The Path to Rome have gathered the stories of American and British adult converts to the Catholic faith, including several public figures. 379 pages - Softcover - $39.95
ISBN 978-0-85244-729-1

Jesus, the Apostles and the Early Church
Pope Benedict XVI
Beginning with the Twelve Apostles, Pope Benedict examines the story of the early followers of Christ. He draws on Scripture and early tradition to consider the roles of key figures and how they laid the foundations of Christianity.
163 pages - Hardback - $23.90
ISBN 978-1-58617-220-6

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