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Order books from www.freedompublishing.com.au

The Devil is a Jackass
William Ullathorne
The key figure behind the establishment of a Catholic Hierarchy in Australia and a direct descendant of St Thomas More, William Ullathorne rose from cabin boy in the English navy to being the Archbishop of Birmingham. This is his fascinating autobiography.
385 pages • Softcover • $38.95
ISBN 978-0-85244-251-3

A Civilization of Love
William Newton
This book guides the reader through the major themes of Catholic social teaching by drawing directly upon the primary source of this doctrine, the social encyclicals of the popes from Leo XIII to Benedict XVI.
280 pages • Softcover • $30.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-761-1

Fathers and Anglicans
Arthur Middleton
Arthur Middleton, an Anglican, traces the development of the use in Anglicanism of the teachings of the early Fathers of an undivided Church. The experiences of early theologians striving to communicate the gospel in a pagan culture remain relevant today.
341 pages • Softcover • $54.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-450-8

Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting
Aidan Hart
"An icon is a visual theology, the Word of God. It can only be written by one who seeks and loves this holy Word. Aidan Hart understands this to the depth" (Sister Wendy Beckett).
430 pages • Hardback • $70.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-215-9

A Companion to Catholic Education
Edited by Leonardo Franchi et al
This reader introduces the key theological themes of Catholic religious education today, providing a core text for those who are being educated to become Catholic teachers and preparing to work in Catholic schools.
252 pages • Softcover • $30.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-757-4

Fr Alexander Men: Martyr of Atheism
Michel Evdokimov
Fr Alexander Men (1935-1990) was assassinated shortly after the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Union. He is a highly regarded figure in the Russian Orthodox Church, embodying the ideal of spiritual resistance to atheism.
108 pages • Softcover • $20.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-608-9

Faith and Fortune
Madeleine Beard
This is a fascinating account of the lives of 19th century converts to Catholicism among the British aristocracy. The author outlines the various factors which led many to become Catholics and the sacrifices involved.
228 pages • Softcover • $27.95
ISBN 978-0-85244-392-7

Festa Paschalia
Philip J. Goddard
This book provides the first comprehensive history in English for eighty years of the origins and development of the Holy Week liturgy in the Roman Rite. For example, the author explains the changes and innovations made after Vatican II and the reasons for these.
352 pages • Softcover • $40.00
ISBN 978-0-85244-764-2

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