Old Testament

Old Testament

Fr Brian Harrison

In his reply to my latest letter, Frank Mobbs (October AD2000) makes no attempt to counter my central point, namely, that in denying the truth of certain assertions of the biblical authors, he is taking a stand not just against some aberrant personal opinion of mine, but against the firm and constant doctrine of the Catholic Church, according to which all such assertions, in both Old and New Testaments, are coauthored by the Holy Spirit, who cannot err.

The best he can do is persist in his complaint that this doctrine "overloads" our "belief system". This seems a pretty lame objection in view of the fact that neither I nor the thousands of other orthodox Catholic scholars over two millennia who have accepted the above Catholic doctrine have ever felt "intolerably overburdened" by it.

Dr Mobbs also caricatures my position (which, I insist, is simply the Church's position) by ascribing to me "the view that God chooses to act arbitrarily, disregarding all moral requirements". Readers of my previous letter can readily see that I made no such outrageous claim. I rest my case.

St Louis, Missouri, USA

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