Offertory prayers (letter)

Offertory prayers (letter)

John Mulholland

It was most pleasing to read that the congregation for Divine Worship is setting guidelines for the translation of the New English Missal. There is also a need to attend to the prayers of the Offertory. However, on perusal of the website given by you at the foot of your article, "New English Missal: Vatican sets guidelines for ICEL" (August AD2000) I did not come across any comment on this point.

The present words ending the introductory Offertory prayers are meaningless or at the best ambiguous. Should not "the bread of life" read "the Body of Christ" and the words "spiritual drink" read "Blood of Christ"? I feel that the existing terminology would not offend the sensitivities those present even if these prayers were recited at a Masonic ritual.

With most of the world's agriculture now mechanised, the words "human hands have made" and "work of human hands" are anachronistic. They also tend to convey a falsehood.

Tuross Head, NSW

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