Nothing to do? (letter)

Nothing to do? (letter)

Frank Mobbs

I must say I am envious. An Implementation Committee has been appointed by the Australian Bishops' Conference to consider measures for implementing recommendations contained in Woman and Man, the report on women's roles in the Church. The Committee consists of six bishops and five women consultors.

I am envious because I have not been appointed as a consultor to any committee which has nothing to do.

What on earth will it do? The commonest demand of the women who were experiencing "pain and grief" was for power (although delicately expressed as as a demand to be involved in decision-making).

Seeing that the bishops run the Church, and seeing that women's chances of becoming bishops are somewhat remote, one wonders what other positions with some power are available to women.

Plenty. And already women have these positions. They are superiors of religious orders, chief administrators of Catholic hospitals, directors of Catholic Education Offices, professors of theology in Catholic universities and seminaries, canon lawyers, chancellors of dioceses, principals of some of the largest schools in the nation. In the liturgy they have the same roles as lay males.

There is nothing better than being on a committee which has nothing to do. No wonder I resent being overlooked.

Gosford, NSW

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