Nkosi J

Nkosi J

Will Elsin

(A tribute to Nkosi Johnson, African child AIDS sufferer who died 1 June 2001 on the feast of St Justin who was martyred for the faith in the second century AD)

Named for Him
Whose cross you share
Your suffering
You so bravely bear
You are our own Nkosi J.

Frail body, fractured smile,
piping voice; another mile
You've come through today,
In your little-big world, Nkosi J.

Mama's gone, I love you, Gail
For all your help with my travail;
I cannot do it on my own
So please be for us our good St Joan.

You murmur not
You do not cry
You have no hate
You accept your fate.
Such courage you had, o tiny mite,
Teaching us that it's quite all right!
To show us how and lead the way
Was your great gift, Nkosi J.

Named for Him
Whose arms you've found;
Angelic hosts
And choirs surround
You now, Nkosi J.

© Will Elsin 2001

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