Nihilism (letter)

Nihilism (letter)

Robert Prinzen-Wood

The media and others would have us believe that the biggest threat to our culture and civilisation is the terrorist. This is not true.

The energy exerted by those who recently pushed for same-sex marriages is indeed an example of the fanatical nihilism which seeks to invert moral values and persuade us all that what is evil is good. This is the today's greatest threat.

Yet because of its illusion of moral fervour, such an approach can appear rational and even enlightened. Note the respect that much of the media gave to the so-called equal-rights advocates in the recent attempt to introduce same-sex marriages.

Notice also the greatest attack coming from these fanatical nihilists is directed at the Catholic Church. It is only within the Body of Christ that true love, true humanity and the true ordering of values can be nurtured.

May God give us the grace to withstand such attacks now and in the future.

Regents Park, Qld

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