News from India

News from India

Fr Francis Pinto CSsR

Greetings from Kolkata [Calcutta], the city of Joy! I find it strange to address you anonymously in such a way. But I need to thank you for contributing so generously in sending so many rosaries over the years through Mr Jim Smith. You are succeeding in deepening and strengthening the faith of a great many and spreading the love of our Mother Mary to many more.

I am a Redemptorist based in India. For the past 10 years I have been based in Kolkata. During this time Jim Smith has been sending me rosaries, copies of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), back issues of AD2000 and other religious materials. My Redemptorist work takes me to different parts of India and on my missions I distribute the rosaries and religious articles and conduct sessions on the Catechism.

The people love to wear these rosaries around their necks and pray it regularly. The latest parcel sent by Jim will help in reaching out to many poor in the parish and I will be preaching the Novena to our Blessed Mother in preparation for her Feast on the 8th of September. The rosaries will be distributed to the people who come for the Novena. I will ask them to intercede for your intentions.

They are most enthusiastic about the copies of the Catechism and thankful to you because they find it such a wonderful resource book to be animated in their faith. I carry these copies around with me to explain the book and they are enthused to buy copies for themselves.

I am most grateful to you and to Jim Smith for making rosaries and copies of the CCC available. Although you are so 'down under' and far away you are evangelising and helping many to hold on to their faith and the correct teaching of the Catholic Church.

May God bless you and your families. A very happy Feast to all the readers.

Calcutta, India

(Editor: Fr Pinto's address is, Redemptorists, Fatima Shrine, P. 63, Scheme 52 CIT Rd., Kolkata 700 014, India, tel +33-2244-6363)

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