New Titles from AD Books

New Titles from AD Books

Daddyhood: This Changes Everything
Daniel W. Driscoll
Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy. Daddyhood celebrates the joy of raising children. Daniel Driscoll encourages dads to pass on their Catholic values and share in their children's sense of discovery. Being a daddy is about the future, looking at the possibility that children can and will change the world. At a time when the importance of having a mother and a father is being downplayed, this book is an excellent reminder of why we all need fathers.
128 pages * Softcover * $24.95

The Mass: The Heart of the Mission
John Dutto
According to Dutto, the celebration of Mass on the Lord's Day can really become the best occasion for missionary conversion. Everything in the Eucharist radiates things Catholic. One need only live it out to encounter a spiritual transformation.
120 pages * Softcover * $16.95

The Private Prayers of Pope John Paul II
Published under the authority of the Vatican, this convenient volume brings together Pope John Paul's inspiring reflections and illuminating words of hope, peace, love, compassion and spirituality in a beautiful edition to treasure.
210 pages * Hardback * $30.00

Hippolytus: On the Apostolic Tradition
Translated by Stewart Sykes
A Christian text of great antiquity and importance, this is the first adequate English version published since 1937. A major influence on Western liturgies, the present edition includes commentary, extensive notes and background material.
224 pages * Softcover * $29.95

Demons and Democrats: 1950s Labor at the Crossroads
Gavan Duffy
An inspiring book about dedicated Catholics in Australia who took on the Communists in the unions and their supporters in the Australian Labor Party. This led to the Labor "Split" of the 1950s and the formation of the Democratic Labor Party. An ideal book for anyone interested in Catholic social teachings or politics in general.
202 pages * Softcover * $27.95

Dynamics of World History
Christopher Dawson
In scope and vision Dawson's conception of history ranks as one of the most penetrating. This collection offers his thoughts on universal history in all its depth and range. Anyone who loves history should not be without this volume from one of the greatest Catholic historians.
500 pages * Softcover * $35.00

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