New Titles from AD Books

New Titles from AD Books

Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception
Sam and Bethany Torode (Foreword by Bill Muehlenberg)
Open Embrace is far more than a case against contraception - it is a positive affirmation of fertility, childbearing and prudent self-control. Couples who practise Natural Family Planning, as advocated in this book, co-operate with God's design for their bodies, making wise decisions about family size without losing respect for the mystery and meaning of sex.
120 pages * Softcover * $22.00

The Gift of Saint Benedict
Verna A. Holyhead
This beautiful gift book, with its charming illustrations, opens a door for those who wish to explore how Benedict's vision can help them to live a more balanced and Christ- centred life.
128 pages * Hardback * $19.95

The Catholic Almanac's Guide to the Church
Matthew Bunson
Have a Catholic Question? You'll find the answer in this concise, one-volume guide to the Catholic Church. From the composition of the Curia to contemporary saints, from major doctrines to the Third Secret of Fatima, if it is a part of the Catholic world, it is here.
326 pages * Softcover * $33.00

Spirituality of the Psalms
The Schola Cantorum of St Peter the Apostle
Beautiful Gregorian Chants with English lyrics, focussing on sung Psalms like Quam Dilecta, O God, Be Merciful Unto Us, Deus Misereatur, Psalm 84 and many more.
Compact Disc * $34.95

The Cross at Ground Zero
Father Benedict Groeschel
When the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre occurred on September 11, 2001, those perennial questions resurfaced. How could God allow such evil in the world? Does He really want His people to suffer? Now, with profound insight and compassion, Fr Groeschel argues God is still very much with us - now more than ever.
144 pages * Softcover * $17.95

First Comes Love
Scott Hahn
Scott Hahn, in First Comes Love, uses the idea of family to explain Catholic thought about the Trinity. Hahn sees the relations among the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a model for the relations within every family composed of father, mother and children. And he believes that the family of the Church helps people emulate the Trinitarian family and can heal them when they fall short of such holiness.
96 pages * Hardback * $19.95

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