New springtime (letter)

New springtime (letter)

Errol P. Duke

The sad and sorry truth of despicable child sex abuse in the Church (especially in North America) has now fully unfolded. This most serious "self-inflicted wound from within" has implicated many archbishops, bishops and priests - even infiltrating into seminary formation.

Still, our hearts correctly bleed for the many wonderful, holy, inspired, orthodox clergy who must feel devastated at being so sinfully betrayed by their apostolic compatriots.

And, no, this is not a situation of "media hype". On this occasion, thanks be to God, the media correctly exposed an issue that the Church would not - to cleanse it from some internal dreadful sins.

Many prophecies throughout the mid to later 1900s have been proven correct, e.g., the warning of "the smoke of Satan" infiltrating the highest levels of the Catholic Church.

Yet, as Pope John Paul II has often stated, "a new springtime" is about to emerge and, in the same hope and joy, let us fervently unite to "re-rail" the Church for the future in the most loving and orthodox way that Jesus Christ would wish. Already, several focussed bishops and clergy here in Australia are hard at work to lead the way for this to occur.

Elizabeth East, SA

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