New Pope

New Pope

Deidre Lyra

The coverage and tributes given by our local newspapers on the death of Pope John Paul II needs commendation, reflecting the life and work of a truly great man. He was a beacon of light, steadfastly upholding the teachings of the Catholic Church in a secular society.

Then there was speculation about his successor, with dissenters' hopes for changes in Church teachings on life issues, sexuality, women clergy, homosexuality, contraception or abortion granted prominence. Little mention was made that these have been the Church's teachings since time memorial and are not the whim of any Pope.

No one is forced to conform to Church teachings. If these do not suit or convince there is always the option of leaving. I am sure newcomers would be welcomed by the more liberal churches struggling to attract members. but they cannot change a guilty conscience .

Maidavale, WA

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