New 'morality'

New 'morality'

Fr Bernard McGrath

Every society in human history has considered marriage to be between two persons of the opposite sex for the union of spouses, the procreating of children and the founding of families as the very basis of human society (public and private good).

The idea of sexual satisfaction between persons of the same sex, without any capability of procreation, was always considered unnatural and perverse by all societies. (Google)

People of faith regarded sodomy as one of the deadliest sins (Leviticus 18:22, "an abomination" and St Paul 1 Cor 6:9, "will not inherit the Kingdom of God"). They justly discriminated against the evil behaviour while continuing to respect the dignity of those persons concerned (hate the sin but love the sinner).

Now, many people around the world are suffering a real unjustifiable discrimination against their proper religious rights to guard their beliefs, their families, schools, charities, adoptions, jobs and professions by new moralists, homosexuals, demanding acceptance of their depraved ideas and behaviour as if they can change human nature, be an acceptable alternative and reject criticism as discrimination and hate speech.

Morality can only be decided by the objective standards of tradition and natural law and not by a dominant group ("mob rule", "might is right", "majority opinion") which soon becomes a dictatorship of either the right or the left, and the ruin of our civilisation based on the Judeo-Christian heritage of the culture of life and love.

Bendigo, Vic

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