New look Mass

New look Mass

Jessie Roger

The article by Dr Michael Apthorp (November AD2000) regarding liturgy abuses in the Brisbane area is very interesting.

May I invite Dr Apthorp to have an earful of what goes on further north here in Mackay.

I was at the very first Novus Ordo Mass celebrated in St Patrick's Church here almost 40 years ago. It had no resemblance to the social event that now happens every Sunday. Who authorised these changes?

A commentator stands at a microphone before Mass, welcomes everyone and asks all to welcome the persons sitting around them. That is followed by handshakes waves and spoken greetings.

The priest arrives in procession and then says 'Good Morning everybody' and the people say 'Good morning Father.'

During Mass there are assorted changes. For example, 'Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation' becomes 'We bless you, Lord'.

A priest recently told us not to be too rigid about observing the official liturgy. He always uses inclusive language and carefully avoids using the word 'man'.

Mackay, Qld

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