New Liturgy document (letter)

New Liturgy document (letter)

John Schmid

Will anything really change in local parishes? Having read the article on the new Liturgy document (May AD2000), I wonder whether Rome has learned from history.

The directives, which I welcome, are phrased in such language that it could be business as usual for "do it yourself" parishes, e.g., where the tabernacle is placed or the use of Extraordinary Ministers.

I realise that in certain circumstances it could be difficult for some regulations to be observed to the letter - although this should be rare in Australia. Bishops should know what is going on in parishes under their control and one hopes they will ensure these regulations are understood and implemented, and not turn a blind eye as in the past.

However, I am not optimistic that reissuing liturgical regulations will change much - unless there is a will on the part of bishops and priests to ensure they are observed.

Boronia, Vic

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