New Age

New Age

Richard Congram

Wanda Skowronska's article on the danger of New Age paganism (February AD2000) prompted me to visit the Womenspace website. There I learned that the 2006 spirituality program will focus on Wild Women, Gathering Women and Earth Women. The current Newsletter (January-April 2006) also refers to Whistling Woman, Star Woman, Women Celebrating Wome, Women who Run with the Wolves and The Wild Mother.

Healing rituals are scheduled, as are Goddess Rituals and also ancient Celtic Guidance in spirituality. There will be rituals in celebration of the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes, and the Winter and Summer Solstices. A video entitled "Burning Times" will be screened, depicting "the Inquisition and women's holocaust known as the witch hunts". It includes interviews with one Starhawk, described as a prominent writer, teacher and activist. And the three aspects of the Triple Goddess - Virgin, Mother, Crone - will be contemplated, as will the untamed Dark Goddess.

To anyone with a spare half hour I do recommend a visit to the Womenspace website. It displays the most consummate drivel imaginable. Four years ago Brisbane's Archbishop Bathersby rather gently admonished a number of Catholic nuns for their participation in Womenspace's then alleged New Age, pagan or witches "happenings".

At the time I was disappointed at his mild response, but having now read for myself the outlandish, infantile absurdities still indulged in at Womenspace, I can understand his attitude to some extent. I don't believe these people really are a danger to Catholic women, who, I am sure, have far too much perception and commonsense (let alone faith) to take such silliness seriously.

The poor souls caught up in the charade deserve our pity and prayers rather than castigation for their folly; particularly those nuns still involved.

Carindale, Qld

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