New Age?

New Age?

Fr Don Coutts

I acknowledge it is difficult to identify any practice as "New Age" as there are so many expressions of this category that are seductive and counterfeit of truth as given by Christ and taught by the Church. Such practices are most readily identified by what they don't present rather than by what they hold in common. The cross of Christ and the sacrifice given (and by implication the Mass) are irrelevant to the New Age whereas it is at the heart of Christianity. Sin is purely a fable to "New Agers".

"Healing the Family Tree" by the Eucharist is far from a New Age "fad". Not only does it produce good fruit in my experience but points to the existence of supernatural forces and beings that impact on our lives as well as showing the authority of our Baptism and the power of prayer, particularly for the holy souls in purgatory.

Of course one can exaggerate the influence of the practice to the point of nullifying personal responsibility but the truths found in a balanced celebration (and preparation is considered important) are made clear. Evil, pain, addiction, paralysing anxieties, intense fears and in certain cases, seemingly overwhelming attractions are an experienced reality for many who are seriously journeying in faith, more especially as we are living in a world (and even Church) of increasing acceptance of the occult, particularly in so-called civilised cultures!

While I can share the pastoral concern that Fr Peter obviously feels and expresses in the article in which he criticises the "Healing of the Family Tree", I think that Fr Peter has been misinformed. I am enthusiastic about the practice. I believe it is a God-given opportunity (among many others and particularly for this time) to heal hurts, bandage the wounds, reconcile enemies and evangelise showing that God is at work among us with His redemptive love!

Narrabundah, ACT

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