New Age

New Age

Yana Di Pietro and Magenta Ray

It was with great interest that we read Wanda Skowronska's article "New Age paganism's creeping influence within the Church" (February AD2000).

As ex-long-term New Agers who have recently converted back to the Church, we agree with Wanda that the New Age Movement has successfully infiltrated sections of the Catholic Church.

It is precisely because we had spent so many years in the New Age studying and practising its disciplines that we were able to detect its presence in our own parish.

Are you in a yoga class? Do you receive Reiki as a form of healing? Are you participating in any form of meditation or guided visualisation? Have you adopted astrology as a belief? Are you allowing an Alternative practitioner to perform spiritual healing or give you spiritual advice? Are mantras and affirmations a part of your daily routine? Do you study the kabbalah for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment? Do you believe crystals have the power to heal?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of New Age practices and serves only to initiate questions and conversations within the Church community. Ask your parish priest about the New Age. Ask him if it is in your parish and community

Our concern that most Catholics do not know what the New Age is, what its beliefs and practices are, how to identify it and most importantly, why it is not compatible with the teachings of the Church.

If you are concerned that the New Age Movement may have inadvertently led you astray then we suggest you read the Vatican document "Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life" at for a full explanation of the New Age. We also recommend the book Ransomed From Darkness by Moira Noonan.

Melbourne, Vic

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